Sunday, 10 May 2009

Keys to the VIP Gridwide Hunt Prizes

Key 1: Urban Dysfunction - Fab Jacket, hotpants and flipflops

Key 2: Naeko (Keys 1 to 3) Retro Neko ears, tail and legwarmers/paws, with a super green cannon.

Key 3 : Fukmi Parental Advisory top, capris, earrings, shoes

Key 4: Lacie Cakes - Stunning key Necklace

Key 5 : [42] - Stunning skin set, in goth, medium, neutral, pale and tan. Eyebrow rings, lip ring and earrings.

Key 6 : Tyranny Designs - 5 shades of skin, backpack and kick me sign

Key 6b: WWI : Amazing Camo outfit

Key 7: Pretties by JB - Lovely Camo Peep-toe Ankle Boots

Key 8 : Sea Hole -Out Fit one : Goldfish skirt and Jacket. Out Fit Two: Shirt and Pants

Key 9 : U & R Dogs - Stunning Jewellry set

Key 10: Magika Stunning butterfly hair in lots of different colors

Key 11 : BOOF : Egg Belt, razor mouth gag and mushroom mouth gag

Key 12: FROP Peace outfit, including tee shirt, hotpants, earrings, ring and flip flops

Key 13 : Petal Meg Leafy earring and necklace set.

Key 14 : LiquidCandy The most AMAZING retro skybox i have ever seen

Key 15 : EMA's
Corset polka dot dress

Key 16 : Rave Nation : Raving skin with smudged make-up, pink dress and necklace

Key 17 : Mudhoney Designs : Vintage Trunk (with multi sit options)

Key 18 : AIMESI design : Yellow summer dress with matching sandals, with a yellow bean bag

Key 19 : Angel Dessous
: Deep blue Lingerie outfit

Key 20: Atomic - STUNNING skins in 4 shades, light, pale, sunkissed (pictured) and Tanned

Key 21 : Stuff Shiney Little Black Dress, Beehive hair and Black shoes

Key 22 : Chicaholic : Denim underwear set with stockings

Key 23 : Trinity Moon Designs : Necklace (his and hers set)

Key 24 : Self Expression: Sex rug, with cuddle and b/g sex poses

Key 26: Deviant Designs: Flat black pumps with Key detailing

Key 27: Heart and Sole : Adorable butterfly sandals

Key 28 : Acid and Mala : Jacket, shirt and Jeans outfit

Key 29 : NUSHRU : Elegant Feather Dress

Key 30: DYN : Low backed grey/black dress

Key 31: NAIVE: Selection of Tee shirts, skirt and netter tops

Key 32 : Genesis : Male and Female Watch

Key 34 : mouse*trap Asian style dress, with matching shoes

Key 35 : NSD : Grenade Chain

Key 36 : Cuppycake : Jeans and tee shirt with funky sneakers

Key 37 : Sassy Kitty Designs : Black Corset style dress with boob tube tops

Key 38: Catnip : Secret thigh diary, with writing animation

Key 39 : LINE : Teeshirt, hotpants and belt.

Key 40: BOOM : Beautiful grey dress

Key 41 : 4eva Guttia : Printed top with pants outfit

Key 42 : Unzipped White night dress, arm braces, black hair (with hats), socks, bloomers.

Key 43: Shinji Accessories : Black and white sneakers

Key 44: Cipria Couture
: Red dress

Key 45: Humby Designs : A cap for your head

Key 46: Fear and Clothing :
Blue jacket and pants

Key 47: Princess Gear: Doll Key for your Avi

Key 48: Virus Co. : Boots

Key 49 : Juice : Pinstripe trouses with a blouse/shirt and selection of waistcoats

Key 50: Rasetsukoku Stunning Purple Dress and Necklace Set


  1. THANK YOU for taking and posting these pictures!

  2. Too bad that the official hunt blog did not manage to preview all hunt gifts and left that work-load to third parties...

  3. I work for the creator so not exactly